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Switch's debut and Wii U's demise are marked by a radical reinvention of The Legend of Zelda that will go down as an all-time great. [Skyward Sword] Demise the Demon King - Dubbed After defeating Ghirahim's new powerful form, Ghirahim successfully resurrects his master, the Demon King, Demise. (Please listen with headphones.) Sorry for the wait, but I hope it was worth it :) Cast in order of appearance: Ghirahim… Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Best PC Speed Runs If you are new to watching speedruns, you might wonder how you can play both The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Super Metroid.

Early Master Sword - ZeldaSpeedRuns Early Master Sword (EMS) is a sequence break that uses the N. Faron Twilit Messengers, coupled with a super jump, to reach an out of bounds ledge from which you can access the Sacred Grove early. The player can then continue on and obtain the Master Sword long before it was meant to be obtained, and with it, the ability to transform between human and wolf. A Link to the Past - ZeldaSpeedRuns Check the leaderboards for more speedruns. If you've done a speedrun yourself, submit it! (Just be sure to read the rules first.) Swords of A Link to the Past - Zelda Wiki There are four Swords available in A Link to the Past. They are the Fighter's Sword, the Master Sword, the Tempered Sword and the Golden Sword. Of these, the Fighter's Sword and the Master Sword at the only two unique swords, the other two are upgrades to the Master Sword. List of The Legend of Zelda speedrunning records - Wikipedia

I thought with just the Master Sword, you could spin attack and damage Ganon. Granted, this probably isn't feasible for a speedrun, but it's possible. Granted, this probably isn't feasible for a speedrun, but it's possible.